Hello to every one who are fallowing my blog,
today i attend one call from one Technical Recruiter (name is not required i think )
he asked some couple of question...ok i answered ....mean while 
he asked one question (in my life never i feel it is relevant  for developer)
who will use oops development environment?
ha.. ha..
expect answer and update  to me

 So far we received many request for FAQs on CSHARP, ASP.NET AND SQLSERVER for fresher who are in finishing schools. We are actively working with these Technologies  to bring  KEY  Resources for  TECHIES.
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Q 1) levels of nesting in a subquery?
     a)2        b)6         c)32        d)64

Q 2) static method correct syntax:
     a.private static main()                            b.public static main()
     c.public static int main()                          d.public static void main()

Q 3) AJAX full form?
answer: asynchronous javascript and xml.

Q 4) public static void Main()
         int x=1;
       for(int i=0;i<5 ;i++) 
        {           int y=x + ++x;
                      console.write("value of y is:"y.ToString())
           console.writeline("new value of x is:"+x);
tell the output?

Q 5)   class table{    }
public static void Main()  { table  tobj;    }
a) tobj will store in heap         b) tobj will store in stack
c) tobj will store in stack and point to heap      d)none

Q 6)  which is not a collection type?
  a.list         b.arraylist      c.array    d.heaplist

Q7) what is  base class for serialization?

  a.System.serialization                 b.Sytem.formatters.serialization

Q 8) which authentication is done by developers and professional?
a.windows authentication                               b.server authentication
c.both a and b                                                  d.none of these

Q 9)which is a light weight protocol?
A.SOAP              B.XML                  C.HTTP                                  D.HTML

Q 10) which model is better for enterprise work?
a.relational                                    b.hierarchical                                  c.network

Q 11) operator used for conversion of data type?A.is     B.as       C.typeof

Q 12) which access specifier has less scope than internal?
a.private                             b.public               c.protected

Q 13) which of them are executed first in a program?
a.namespace                    b.directives             c.main()                                      

Q 14) goes to operator is used in which?
a.lambda expression         b.delegates             c.events

Q 15) SGAM full form?
ans. secondary global allocation map

Q 16) size of Extent?
answer:64 KB

Q 17) how data will store in sqlserver
in sql server everything is stored on 8K data pages (8060 bytes are technically available).

Q 18) how many data pages is equal to one data extent?                       8 data pages (each size is 8K and total 64K) .

Q 19) how many types of extents in sql server
 All space allocation  is done based on extents – 64K There are 2 types of extents – 

  1. mixed extent which stores data pages belong to the different objects 
    1.  First 8 pages for the objects are stored in the mixed extents
  2.  uniform extent which stores data pages belong to the one object.
after that only uniform extents are used. blocks regardless of the type (mixed or uniform).

Q 20) what do you know about ALLOCATION MAPs
  • ALLOCATION MAPs are a few special data pages types in  SQLServer which  is used to track extents allocation. Those pages are basically bitmaps  and each bit handles one extent.(each page handles 64,000 extents or almost 4Gb of data).


  •  GAM – Global Allocation Map – tracks if extent are available for allocation or already in use.

  • Q 22) SGAM –
     Shared Global Allocation Map – tracks if extents are mixed extent and have at least one data page available for use.

    Q 23) IAM
     Index Allocation Map – tracks if extents are used by specific table/index.

    Q 24) what is PFS
     Page Free Space – it will check and track free space available on a page approximately. One PFS page covers 8,088 pages or about 64Mb of data.

    • data integrity depends on

      1. data sharing
      2. accuracy
      3.  redundency
      4. 2&4                             ANS: accuracy

    • which is lightweight protocal?        ANS:soap

    1. class is which based memory     ANS: Heap
    2.  csharp code is                         ANS: managed
    3. sn.exe generates what?            ANS: Strong Name
    4. file and fileinfo classes doesn't offer the set of functionality
      1. moving
      2. creating
      3. copying 
      4. deleting                                  ANS:none of the options
    5. datareader field count return type        ANS:integer
    6. type dataset and untype dataset difference?
      1. type dataset have schema information of database(primary key and FK info)
      2. untype does not have schema information
      1. ANSWER
      2. net does not affect existing COM objects
      3. .Net and COM components interoperate with each other
      4. COM components can be upgraded into .NET components
    8. if u build the application what file with extension generated                  ANS: .exe
    9. null is a string ?                                   ANS: NO
    10. which access specifiers not hide the variables in namespace
      1. internal 
      2. protected 
      3. internal protected
      4. public                                                                              ANS:public
    11. which access modifier is specify for incomplete class  
      1. abstract
      2. virtual
      3. override
      4. sealed                                                               ANS: abstract
    12. which keyword permits to overload abstract methods? ANS: Abstract override
    13. which is not feature of c sharp                   ANS: c sharp is not a case sensitive
    14. .The class which offers storage capability    Ans:ICollection 
    15. sealed class                             ANS: We can’t further inherit the sealed class
    16. how date types are available?   ANS:   1.Value  types  2. Reference  types   3. Pointer  types
    17. which is responsible for loading data into dataset?                ANS: DataAdapter
    18. .what is cLI?   ANS:  Common Language Infrastructure
    19.  : Language Integrated Query
    20. OLEDB full form?          ANS  Object Linking and Embedding, Database,
    21. what is the backbone of disconnected model?  
    22. .AJAX full form?   ANS : Asynchronous JavaScript and XML
    23. .Full form of ccw? ANS :  COM Callable Wrapper
    24.  net doesn’t not support which web standards?    Ans: other than this  HTTP,XML,SOAP,WSDL,UDDI. 
    25. What will ICollection have?   Ans:IList and Idictionary

    26. SQL SERVER
    27. .we can minimize the selection process by using which clause?ANS: : where
    28. ANS: : System catalog or System Table
    29. EXTENT LENGTH  ANS: : 8 Contiguous pages(64KB)
    30. which stores the pre defined query?  ANS: : System Stored Procedure  
    31. sql server doesn't run which os? 
      1. xp 
      2. 98 
      3. 95 
      4. millineum                                    ANS: : 95
    32. we can perform insert delete update operation on?
      1. table
      2. view 
      3. trigger 
      4. index                                 ANS:  table
    33. which produces result and also non relational result
      1. compute
      2. cube
      3. rollup
      4. none                          ANS: : Compute
    34.  a query which relay on output of inner query
      1. correrelate subquery
      2. nested subquery
      3. inner querey 
      4. none                       ANS:  Corelated subquery